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One of the most famous quotes from fashion designer Coco Channel sounds like this: “Some people think that luxury is the opposite of poverty. Is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity. “Leather bags were created as a counteraction to the raw and unattractive style of bags made of superficial material and too little wear-resistant, which fast fashion brands make on the conveyor belt.

The Alluxuri brand, with bags created in Italy, offers beauty lovers more than an escape from the restrictive universe imagined by designers for whom fashion goes fast forward, and quality is an aspect that can be left aside. It offers “luxury” in the purest sense of the word, invoking a strong aura.

Through their magnificent design, the Alluxuri bags, some statement accessories with a ravishing personality, complete the outfits and of course, the entire wardrobe of any woman who is not satisfied with a little when it comes to fashion.

Alluxuri bags are perfect for formal occasions, but also for daily walks in the city, the brand being one that aims to radically change the perception of style and trends through its unique products.

Alluxuri designers know how important it is for a woman to wear the right bag and for this reason they have dedicated years of their career in the name of creating natural leather accessories that will delight even the most demanding fashionista.

Alluxuri products, starting with their natural leather and continuing with the accessories that complete them, are made of premium materials and worked with great attention to detail. Therefore, when you buy an Alluxuri bag, you are not buying a simple tool that will simplify your daily life, but you are buying luxury, value, elegance, refinement and an extra touch of personality.








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We can revolutionize the fashion world only by creating something completely new, this being in fact the charm of the fine arts. For us, bags are not just a piece of material used to transport essentials. They are in fact goods of great prestige that bring added value both in our professional and private lives.

In our daily adventures through the urban jungle, we discover art in the most unexpected places and we use the inspiration it offers us to create in our turn more works of art in the form of these high quality bags.